Thomas Callahan

Response Manager/West Coast & Pacific Operations

Mr. Callahan has more than twenty five years of experience providing.


Rudy M. Morones

Project and Engineering Manager and Incident Logistics Manager

Mr. Morones has over thirty years of multi-disciplined management and technical experience. He is well experienced in project management and incident logistics management. His expertise has been developed in marine power plant project management including design, installation, maintenance and repair of marine engineering systems, damage surveys and assessments, technical repair specification preparation, safety engineering, regulatory compliance, and quality management system implementation. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering and Master of Science degree in Ocean Engineering.


Edward T. Doyle, Jr., Ph.D

Safety, Health and Environmental Affairs

Dr. Doyle has over twenty years of experience managing the safety, health, emergency management, emergency response, security and environmental functions in industry. He has managed these functions for two Fortune 500 companies – BP Oil and Sun Company. He has developed, implemented, and directed programs at both the facility and corporate levels. His extensive experience includes both the private and public sectors, and his work has been tested in a broad range of situations, including regulatory compliance and emergency response safety management. He has taught safety, hazardous materials and emergency management courses to industry groups and as part of college curriculums. He serves as the chair of the Delaware County (PA) LEPC and is a member of various local area safety and emergency response initiatives.


Patricia L. Thomas-Devonshire

Certified Safety Professional

Ms. Thomas-Devonshire has over seventeen years of practical safety, fire protection and emergency response work experience backed by university level study in safety, fire protection, and engineering. Her experience includes safety program implementation, systems engineering, maintenance and testing, training and motivation, firefighter training, oversight of construction procedures and practices, procedure development, building evacuation procedures, emergency response, audits and accident/incident investigations. She has BS degrees in Engineering Technology – Fire Protection and Safety as well as in Business Administration.


Daniel D. Kennedy

EMT, Safety and Fire Protection Specialist

Mr. Kennedy is a safety and fire protection professional with over thirty years’ experience in both the industrial and municipal environments. He has served as an Industrial and Municipal Fire Chief. He has an extensive background in workplace and emergency response safety, health, security, and fire protection. He has provided pre-incident planning, standard and safe operating procedures, emergency response planning, confined space entry and rescue, mutual-aid programs, emergency first care and CPR training.


Harry Marsh Jr.

Senior Response Operations Manager and Special Projects Consultant

Mr. Marsh has over twenty years of experience in the environmental and emergency response industry. He has responded to a wide range of emergencies involving oil and hazardous substance releases, fires, explosions, and salvage operations. His extensive knowledge of and expertise in emergency response operations, planning, logistics, waste management and environmental remediation has been tested in all types of man-made and natural disasters on land and water, at Superfund sites, and in industrial activities. His experience includes regulatory compliance, hazardous waste management programs, safety and operational procedures for emergency response programs and incidents, site stabilization and restoration.


Mark Ploen

Regional Response Manager and Technical Response Specialist

Mark has been involved with virtually every aspect of the oil spill planning and response industry. He has assisted with projects ranging from drill site remediation in the Arctic to submerged oil recovery in the Caribbean. Mark has a unique, comprehensive working knowledge of oil spill response equipment and techniques. His educational background includes drilling, cold weather, and well site operations from the University of Alaska and a Bachelor of Science degree from Bemidji, Minnesota.


Donald W. Edgington

Regional Response Manager and Incident Logistics Manager

Mr. Edgington has over twenty-five years of experience in the environmental and emergency response industry. He has corporate management, as well as project management, experience. He is an EPA certified Emergency Response Manager and has expertise in all aspects of emergency response management, project management, remediation, waste management, health and safety.


Jefferson B. Bullock

Regional Response Manager and Incident Logistics

Mr. Bullock is a specialist in environmental project management including emergency response, remediation, logistics, health and safety, training and environmental compliance. He has over 15 years in the environmental industry and brings a wide range of talents and experience to an emergency response management team.


Matthew A. Salinger

Regional Response Manager, and Incident Finance Manager

Mr. Salinger has extensive experience in oil spill management, training, waste management and environmental compliance and consulting. His career and education includes 20 years in the environmental industry and have made him a multi-talented team member. He is an EPA certified Emergency Response Manager and has expertise in all aspects of emergency response management, project management, remediation, waste management, health and safety. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University.


Keith Long

Regional Response Manager

Mr. Long has over 25 years of experience in the environmental emergency response industry including health and safety, waste management, remediation, and environmental compliance, and has been involved in all aspects of operations management in the response to oil and hazardous substance spills on land and water as well as salvage operations. Mr. Long provides get expertise in coordination of contractor services and special projects in an emergency response. He is also certified for nuclear waste handling.


Mat Woods

Project Manager, Emergency Response and Marine Operations

Mr. Woods has extensive experience in oil spill management, training, environmental compliance and marine consulting. His career includes 30 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, during which he advanced from the enlisted ranks until he retired as Senior Captain. His command experience, knowledge of environmental, safety and marine regulations, as well as practical emergency and project management experience, have made him a multi-talented team member. Since leaving the USCG he has applied his expertise as a Spill Manager and Marine Consultant. He is also well experienced in writing contingency plans, training programs, and operations manuals.


Jorge Sanchez

Regional Response Manager, Incident Planning Manger

Mr. Sanchez has over twenty-five years experience in the management of oil and hazardous material emergency incidents that have occurred in the continental United States, as well as in foreign countries. His expertise in responding to and mitigating damages from train derailment and trucking incidents throughout the United States has made him an outstanding resource. He has been a key element in the waste disposal/recycling of spilled materials and the follow-on remediation and environmental monitoring for emergency responses to spill and fire incidents. Mr. Sanchez is fluent in the Spanish language, which has been an asset for responses and work completed in Latin America, as well as in the Southern United States.


Julian Martinez

Forensic Auditing, Incident Finance Manager

Mr. Martinez has fifteen years of forensic accounting experience. His experience includes supervising audits and financial documentation involving insurance claims, product liability, and third party claims. He has been involved with numerous hurricane catastrophes as well as pollution responses. He received an MBA from Orlando College Orlando, FL and is a Certified Public Accountant in Puerto Rico and the US.


Professional Staff & Associates

All members of our staff and professional associates possess the training and/or certification required by regulations, responsibilities or profession.

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